A friend of mine, originally from Ohio, relocated to Brazil several years ago. She was recently asked about the influence of the current protests across the country and had this to say:

Where we are living they have not really had much impact. Mostly the protests are in the bigger cities. However, we here in the north are fully supportive of the protests, as long as they are non-violent, obviously.

It is just ridiculous how much money is being spent to build these huge stadiums that will be used once, yet the education, hospitals, general heath and welfare of the people in Brasil is so horrible. This is especially true where I live. You have families that don’t have money for food, clothing or education. The roads are all dirt and full of trash. If you go to the hospital, you may have to wait all day or even days to be seen by a doctor. The people live in small wood homes without electricity, water, or much protection from the elements. It is just a really sad situation.

When looking at the overall wealth of Brasil, people see these large numbers, but when you break it down, it is worse than the States. Basically 100% of the wealth of Brasil is in Sao Paulo, Rio, Brasilia, and Fortaleza. It’s frustrating because my husband and I were just in Brasilia about a month ago or so and saw the new stadium they built there and heard about how they spent all this money just to bring grass from another place in the country to put in the stadium. Then we come home to our reality and see how the lives of the people here could have been completely transformed by that amount of money being invested in this city.

She gave me permission to share her words, and her photos of the new stadium compared with the area she lives in.

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